IL Monte Galala Sokhna By Tatweer Misr Developments 

IL Monte Galala Sokhna By Tatweer Misr Developments distances itself away from the pack particularly, created by the acclaimed Tatweer developments in addition to world renowned Italian architects Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo articulating a unique un heard of living experience not offered elsewhere and inspired by Portofino’s spellbinding surroundings in Italy.

IL Monte Galala Sokhna takes luxury living in Egypt to new heights inspired by Portofino’s spellbinding surroundings, the year-round mountain-top community with its lush landscapes and idyllic beach lifestyle sets a global benchmark for luxury living, sustainability and unrivalled hospitality.


Spanning 2.24 million sqm to lap a pristine 1.4 km shoreline, the project introduces the world’s first and largest mountain top lagoon built in partnership with world-renowned Crystal Lagoon.

Designed to offer an abundance of colourful experiences at different heights, IL Monte Galala has also collaborated with internationally acclaimed BCI Studio to offer an interactive world of retail and leisure zones. From Egypt’s first Adventure Park, an inspiring mountain-top art zone and world-class hotels and spas to desert parks, a state-of-the-art old town and an interactive sports hub, IL Monte Galala - Sokhna by tatweer misr won the African Property award for the year 2018, guaranteeing to add a fun and exciting flare to your life.


For the most part the project fosters a round mountain community with its lush amazing high altitude landscape, idyllic peach and luxury architecture suited for the environment on one of the best sea fronts in the world, the red sea, IL Monte Galala location being just 5 hours away in flight time from Paris, Moscow, Berlin and London.

Just 5 mints after AL Ain El Sohkna and 122 km from Cairo.

IL Monte Galala location on the Cairo Hurghada Road in Galala Mountain which the Egyptian state is already developing a project of El Galala city in it within its greater plan for multiple major cities around Egypt which benefits Monte Galala’s own infrastructure and value consequently.

The function of Il Monte Galala is to present a global experience to the Egyptian real estate market with an eye for detail and originality therefore the project is designed and master planned to bring life to an abundance of colorful experience creating a true first step towards a complete modern healthy life outside of the busy congested greater Cairo however adding the true nature of the mountains with it.


Wherefore timeless familiarity with the iconic soundings, gently rolling a vegetated hills dipped in soft morning mist to greet the red sea’s tranquil views and opposite other places such as the north coast, the height position especially allows a capture of delightful scenes unlike anywhere else.

Pristine shoreline presented by the red sea a globally renewed for marine life with over 100 species and coral reefs with crustal water serving fishing lovers and scuba divers for instance .



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